You have been chosen to compete in the inaugural Iowa Burlesque Festival!
Break a leg!
See you all Sat November 23 at 6pm for the "Shimmy Baby Shake off" Burlesque Contest. We will see who will be crowned Iowa's very first "Princess of a Peel" ! xo
The Adler Theatre, Davenport Iowa

Tickets Here!

 Lady Ginger

Glitter Bomb Burlesque's 
Queen Monkey and Damn Right Dixie!
Nina NightShade

Mac DeVille

Kitten Minx LeFemme

Moxie Rhodes!
Rhonda Vous

Matt Finish

Cher D. Blame
Shan de Leers!

Blue Stocking Burlesque!

Dahlia Dulce!

Mary Quite Contrary
Freya West!

Caramel Knowledge

Maddie Moiselle